Friday, April 15, 2011

Repairing Bare Spots in your lawn

Repairing Bare Spots in your lawn
  1. Dig up the area to a 6" depth, breaking up the clumps. (If the problem was caused by a spilled chemical such as gasoline or a herbicide, remove several inches of surface soil.)
  2. Mix in topsoil to improve soil quality and help new sod or grass seed get off to a good start.
  3. Rake and tamp to firm and level the surface to the surrounding lawn. 
  4. Apply the lawn product (whichever method you chose from the list above).
  5. Water the area well.

Once you have made the repairs, follow these steps. While you may not be able to prevent bare spots completely, you can keep your lawn as healthy and green as possible.
  • Using a fine spray from a hose, keep the soil moist, but not drenched. Preventing the soil from drying out allows the roots from the grass seed to enter the soil.
  • Once the grass is established and growing well, fertilize it with a general lawn fertilizer and begin mowing the patch with the rest of the lawn.
  • Monitor the area closely during the first year.

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